The Central Lancashire Chess League runs a league competition consisting of 2 divisions and 2 knockout competitions played on week day evenings between the various affiliated clubs. If you would like more information about the league, or need a login id send an email using the contact form. If you are a registered user, but have forgotten your password, use this link to request a new one

Use this link to email all league members. It will send an email to these people.

Cup weeks for 2017/18 are November 13th and February 19th.

Latest Results

Wigan 1.5 - 3.5 Crusaders A
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Preston A 3 - 2 Rochdale
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Leyland 5 - 0 Crusaders B

We were unable to raise a team due to illness and unavailability. Apologies to Leyland
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Great Lever 0 - 5 Rochdale
Some good close games, with players knocking chunks off each other; but, sadly, for Great
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