Score Checker

What is Score Checker

Score checker is a web based system for chess match result input, automatic display of league tables and generation of grading information for the ECF (English Chess Federation). See Privacy Policy


  • Allows team captains to login and update match results to which they have been given access. Players are selected from predefined drop down lists.
  • Can be used for Team Leagues, Team knockouts, Individual Swiss, Individual All play all.
  • League tables are updated automatically
  • Administrators login to define the league structure, events, teams, number of boards etc.
  • Automatic generation of file for ECF grading
  • Automatic League Fixture generation taking into account dates to avoid and teams to avoid clashes with.
  • Load up the ECF grading list from the dbase file supplied for grading
  • Load up the ECF membership spreadsheet to track number of games played by none-members
  • Keep track of club details, team captains, and all the information to manage your league
  • Mobile friendly version

Who uses score checker

Score checker is currently in use by:

Contact Malcolm Peacock if you are interested in using it for your league.