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Burnley Chess Club (NB Change of venueand match night  for A Team)

Venue: Burnley Rugby Club, Holden Road, Burnley 

Match Night: Thursday

Directions:     Go to Best Western Oaks Hotel BB10 2LF on Colne Road (A682)

                      Either road around the side of the hotel will lead to the rugby  club. There is ample parking. 

                      Do not use the rugby club post code on your sat nav. 

                      Use the hotel post code then drive round either side of the hotel to the back.

A Team:       Club Secretary and  Captain: Mike Conroy - Tel 01282-425703

B Team:     Captain:   Andrew Clarkson  

                                  Tel: 07791 968614

                                  Email: mraaclarkson @

ECF Club Code: 
Burnley (7BLY)
Contact / Secretary: 
Andrew Clarkson (aclarkson)
Andrew Clarkson (aclarkson)
Rob Tokeley (rtokeley)
Player List: 
Venue Match Limit: 

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