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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division A DATE: 2017-04-19
BoardHomePreston AVWiganAway
1 (B) 213Lund, D Brett1 - 0Talbot, Mark A189
2 (W) 188Peacock, Malcolm R1 - 0Default0
3 (B) 165Ashcroft, Graham J1 - 0Default0
4 (W) 158Hanson, Robert1 - 0Muirhead, William133
5 (B) 135Tillotson, Carl A1 - 0Talbot, Paul D139
Total8595 - 0461

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Alas, Wigan were hampered by the motorway closure on the M6 with two of their players caught up on the wrong side.

The 3 games that were played were very close, and could have gone either way.

Paul - can you confirm I have selected correct player for Board 4?

Everything is correct in this entry.