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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: John Birchall DATE: 2017-05-03
BoardHomePreston AVCrusaders AAway
1 (B) 213Lund, D BrettDrawHamer, Martyn184
2 (W) 183Jowett, Peter E1 - 0Dobson, Graham W128*
3 (B) 165Ashcroft, Graham J0 - 1Taylor, Phil M160
4 (W) 158Hanson, Robert1 - 0Dickinson, Peter0
5 (B) 135Tillotson, Carl ADrawGlover, Gordon L120
Total8543 - 2592

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Excellent match-could have gone the other way near the end.
Congratulations to Preston and good luck in the final.

Good match, as Gordon said the Match could have easily gone Crusaders way in the end. Made my time control with 13 seconds left, was was I worried about - lol !