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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division C DATE: 2016-12-15
BoardHomeLytham 4VLytham 3Away
1 (W) 125Wilks, CDrawRegan, John118
2 (B) 86Sansom, Keith0 - 1Tinton, Robert116
3 (W) 85Taylor, Graham0 - 1Davies, Dennis113
4 (B) 77Cox, John0 - 1Coleman, Patrick N107
Total3730.5 - 3.5454

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A complete reversal of the previous encounter between these 2 teams. Colin and John played out a level game on Board 1. Board 2 was balanced until Keith mistakenly offered a queen exchange giving Robert a winning advantage. Dennis eventually overcame Graham's stubborn defence on Board 3, while Pat crushed John Cox on Board 4 to avenge their previous result.