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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division C DATE: 2017-02-23
BoardHomeLytham 3VLytham 4Away
1 (W) 140Aspinall, David EDrawWilson, PA136
2 (B) 118Regan, John0 - 1Taylor, Graham85
3 (W) 113Davies, Dennis1 - 0Sansom, Keith86
4 (B) 107Coleman, Patrick N1 - 0Cox, John77
Total4782.5 - 1.5384

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Dennis Davies won first with good positonal play in a closely fought match with Keith Sansom, Graham Taylor levelled the score with an impressive win over John with an extra piece, Pat Coleman then clinched a win putting John Cox under pressure and in difficulty and eventually resigned after losing a couple of pieces. Finally a draw was agreed between Dave Aspinall and Peter Wilson which resulted in Lytham 3 winning the match. Dave and Peter's match looked complex and was even on pieces but appeared a difficult match for either player to win.