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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division C DATE: 2017-03-20
BoardHomePoulton 3VLytham 3Away
1 (B) 134Wilcox, Keith A1 - 0Tinton, Robert116
2 (W) 113Hartley, Dave CDrawDavies, Dennis113
3 (B) 113Gorman, Ken1 - 0Coleman, Patrick N107
4 (W) 94Hughes, Leslie0 - 1Regan, John118
Total4542.5 - 1.5454

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Dave and Dennis agreed a draw, then Les with a knight lost to John with a bishop and more pawns. Ken managed to restrict Pat's pieces and eventually, with 2 minutes left on Pat's clock, a rook check forced Pat to take the rook, and allowed Ken to win his queen. Pat's resignation and his flagfall were almost simultaneous. To win the match, Keith had to win his game. Keith and Bob had a knight each, but Keith had more pawns and won a tough game in due course. This result puts Poulton 3 on top of the division with one match left - against Lytham 4.