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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division C DATE: 2017-04-24
BoardHomePoulton 3VLytham 4Away
1 (W) 134Wilcox, Keith ADrawDavies, Dennis113
2 (B) 126Rogers, Simon NDrawWilks, C125
3 (W) 113Hartley, Dave CDrawSansom, Keith86
4 (B) 113Gorman, Ken1 - 0Cox, John77
Total4862.5 - 1.5401

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Poulton 3 had to win this match against Lytham 4 to win Div. C. A drawn match would have given Lytham 3 the title on board count. In a complex game with the queens involved, Ken managed a mate against John. Then Simon, having some compensation for his queen, accepted Colin's draw offer. Dave Hartley and Keith Sansom agreed a draw, with Keith appearing to have a slight advantage. Keith Wilcox and Dennis Davies reached a position where neither felt he could force the issue, and a draw was agreed, giving a 2.5-1.5 result in favour of Poulton 3.
The Poulton 3 players deserve credit for their consistent performances throughout the season.