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1. The League shall be known as ‘The Blackpool & Fylde Chess League’ .

2. The principal object of the League shall be to organise an Annual Team Competition in league form. Other competitions on an individual or team basis may be organised subject to the endorsement by the member Clubs at the Annual General Meeting.

3. Membership shall be confined to such Clubs as are approved by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting of the League. Such approval may not be retrospectively applied.

4. Each member Club shall pay an annual affiliation fee, according to the number of teams entered, as agreed at the latest Annual General Meeting. The Management Committee shall levy for individual and Non-League team events as it considers proper. In addition, an ECF levy on individual games played may also be payable.

5. The League Management Committee shall consist of the League Chairman, League Secretary, League Treasurer, Registration and Fixtures Secretary all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Other persons may be elected onto the Committee at the AGM.

6. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members as the occasion demands. A quorum shall consist of four members of the Committee. The Committee shall have the power to appoint Presidents and Vice Presidents who shall be members of the Committee.

7. Fourteen days notice shall be given of the Annual General Meeting, which shall be held in September and at which the Secretary shall present a Report of the League’s activities for the past year and at which the Treasurer shall present an audited Statement of accounts. Nominations for Officers and Committee members and Auditors duly proposed and seconded must be made in writing to the League Secretary to reach him not later than 31st July prior to the Annual General Meeting. Prior consent must be obtained from candidates for Officers, Committee and Auditors who may be prevented from being present at the Annual General Meeting. All proposals for consideration at the Annual General Meeting must be proposed and seconded and made in writing to reach the League Secretary by the same date. Member Clubs may be represented at the Annual General Meeting by three delegates, each of whom may speak on any subject under discussion. Voting shall be limited to one vote per Club. A proposal for amendment of the Constitution shall have effect if approved by at least two thirds of the Clubs represented at the meeting. Any other proposal shall have effect only if approved by more than half of the Clubs represented at the meeting.

8. League funds shall be deposited in a bank account in the name of Blackpool and Fylde Chess League. Cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by either the Chairman or the Secretary. In the event of the dissolution of the League, any assets of the League shall be transferred in equal shares to existing member Clubs after settlement of any debts at the time of the dissolution.

9. Matches in the main League Competition and the League Knockout Competition shall be governed by the Rules for Match Play, published in the League Handbook. The Rules for Match Play may be amended only by resolution of an Annual or Special General Meeting. The rules governing other events shall be determined by the Committee.

10. A Special General Meeting may be called at any time if thought necessary by the League Management Committee, of if a demand is made in writing by the Chairmen and Secretaries of not less than three member Clubs. The subjects for discussion at such Special General Meeting shall be limited to those specified in the request for the meeting. Representation, discussion and voting of member Clubs shall be as laid down for an Annual General Meeting.

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