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Handicap Rapidplay Rules

1 Rapidplay teams shall consist of 4 players. Clubs may enter more than one team but a player may play for only one team throughout the competition.

2 Before play starts the team captains shall exchange team lists including the rapidplay grades for all team members. Where a player has no rapidplay grade the standard grade shall be used. August ECF Grades should be used. Where no August grade is available the most recent published grade shall be used.

3 Ungraded players will be assigned a minimum grade of 100 for the purpose of calculating the handicap unless approval for an alternative grade has been given in advance by the Registration Secretary.

4 Before play starts the team captains must total up the grades of their players and apply the following formula so as to establish the winning margin:-

Grade Difference Winning Margin

20-51                 4.5 - 3.5

52-84                 5 - 3

85-116               5.5 - 2.5

117-149             6 - 2

150 or more        6.5 - 1.5

5 Team captains then toss up to decide which players have White in the first round of two games. After the first round of games the players shall play another game with colours reversed. It is not necessary to record the moves but players may do so.

6 Each player has 30 minutes for all his moves in each game.

7 Where relevant the Rules for Match Play shall apply unless they are inconsistent with these Handicap Rapidplay Rules.

8 If there are sufficient teams there will be a plate competition for teams losing in the early rounds of the main competition.

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