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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Rapidplay Plate DATE: 2017-01-12
BoardHomeLytham 1VBisphamAway
1 (W) 151Cooper, John G0 - 1Sosinski, Jakub173
2 (B) 136*Wilson, PA0 - 1Wallace, Peter135
3 (W) 125O'Rourke, Ben0 - 1Riley, David140
4 (B) 122Aspinall, David EDrawMcGrady, Blaine133
5 (B) 151Cooper, John G1 - 0Sosinski, Jakub173
6 (W) 136*Wilson, PA0 - 1Wallace, Peter135
7 (B) 125O'Rourke, Ben1 - 0Riley, David140
8 (W) 122Aspinall, David EDrawMcGrady, Blaine133
Total10683 - 51162

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Bispham's higher grades made it necessary for them to win whereas a 4-4 tie would suffice for Lytham. Bispham were too good for Lytham in the first round and their 3 wins and 1 draw meant that they only needed 1 point in the second round.
Lytham fought back in the second round with 2 wins and a draw but still needed another point at the finish.
Despite the time constraints there were some very good games played by both sides. 5 out of 6 were won by Black!