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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Rapidplay Cup DATE: 2017-04-10
BoardHomePoulton 1VPreston 1Away
1 (W) 175Phillips, David A0 - 1Jowett, Peter E183*
2 (B) 175Phillips, David ADrawJowett, Peter E183*
3 (W) 164Dobson, Graham0 - 1Thompson, Peter0
4 (B) 164Dobson, GrahamDrawThompson, Peter0
5 (W) 98Garanins, Boris0 - 1O'Mara, Paul130
6 (B) 98Garanins, Boris0 - 1O'Mara, Paul130
7 (W) 120Gorman, KenDrawDe Santos, Andrew R115
8 (B) 120Gorman, KenDrawDe Santos, Andrew R115
Total11142 - 6856

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Rapidplay Final 2017:
Poulton's Paul Garrett had to withdraw on the day, as his partner had to go to the hospital maternity ward, so Boris had to take his place.
Preston's Peter Thompson's last published grade was 155, and Paul O'Mara's should be 126, so Preston's total was 579. Poulton's total was 557, so Preston had to win 4.5-3.5 or better.
If Paul had played, Poulton's total would have been 615, so Poulton would have had to win 4.5-3.5. This means that even if Paul had played and won both his games, Poulton would have lost the final with a 4-4 result. So well done, Preston.
Poulton opted for white in the first round, and as in the semi-final, achieved better results with black.
Boris lost his first game to Paul O'Mara, but his second game went to the wire, Boris not moving quickly enough with both flags horizontal and lost on time. Ken had a won position in his first game against Andy, with 2 passed pawns on the flank, but managed to allow Andy back into the game. With a rook each, everything swapped off for a draw. Their second game was dead drawn with 4 pawns each.
If Preston wish to comment on their winning games, feel free!

I (Pete J) surprised David with 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cd 4.Nxd4 d5!?? in our first game and got a good position with a huge clock lead which in the end proved just enough. David will be ready if I try that again! The second was a solid draw. Well played to Pete T who got an excellent 1.5 v Graham. Paul has looked good this season and he scored well again and Andy got 2 solid draws. Thanks alot to all who turned out for the team in the competition and Poulton for a good match.