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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division A DATE: 2017-10-11
BoardHomePreston AVHeywood AAway
1 (B) 212Lund, D Brett0 - 1Jayawarna, Nugith196
2 (W) 188Jowett, Peter E1 - 0Atueyi, Ben153*
3 (B) 189Peacock, Malcolm R0 - 1Carrington, James146
4 (W) 165Ashcroft, Graham J1 - 0O'Rourke, William141
5 (B) 155Hanson, Robert1 - 0Almond, Dave133
Total9093 - 2769

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Non-Playing captain for the night, so we can rotate the players. That aside, a strong (on paper) team from Preston. Alas, I had to leave before the end, but when I did the result could not be called.

In the end, a 3-2 win for Preston, some excellent chess and congratulations to James on an excellent win.