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Great Lever v Crusaders C

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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division B DATE: 2017-10-19
BoardHomeGreat LeverVCrusaders CAway
1 (B) 151Lonsdale, Jon IDrawDickinson, Peter150
2 (W) 137Carroll, Michael1 - 0Walsh, Cian150
3 (B) 107Patel, Parshottambhi D1 - 0Watson, Nigel150
4 (W) 110Wilkinson, Anthony DB1 - 0Ndou, Goodchild150
5 (B) 104Davies, Brian1 - 0Musa, J66
Total6094.5 - 0.5666

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Great Lever Board 3: Parshottambhi D Patel, ECF Ref: 134021K Grade 107
NB: I'm not certain of Board colours

The away team has white on odd boards in all League matches