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Crusaders B v Crusaders C

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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division B DATE: 2018-02-08
BoardHomeCrusaders BVCrusaders CAway
1 (B) 162Whitfield, John1 - 0De Santos, Andrew R100
2 (W) 157Taylor, Phil M1 - 0Ndou, Goodchild79
3 (B) 144Schofield, John H1 - 0Topham, Regan150
4 (W) 128Glover, Gordon L1 - 0Tanner, Frank74
5 (B) 123Dickinson, Peter1 - 0Crook, Harrison150
6 (W) 150Watson, Nigel1 - 0Jones, William T150
7 (W) 103Harrington, Peter1 - 0Schofield, Ruth150
8 (W) 150Gaston, Dave1 - 0Berry, Ryan150
Total11178 - 01003

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New players are W.Jones,R.Schofield and R.Berry.

G.Glover and D.Gaston played as reserves.

In the event of a tie at the end of the season only the top 5 boards will count.