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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Rapidplay Cup DATE: 2017-12-11
BoardHomePoulton 2VLytham 1Away
1 (B) 133Rogers, Simon N0 - 1Leah, Tom154
2 (W) 99Hughes, Leslie0 - 1Cooper, John G156
3 (B) 0Benson, JonathanDrawAspinall, David E117
4 (W) 0Hove, Phillip H0 - 1Morrison, Lynne GP128
5 (B) 133Rogers, Simon N0 - 1Leah, Tom154
6 (W) 99Hughes, LeslieDrawCooper, John G156
7 (B) 0Benson, Jonathan0 - 1Aspinall, David E117
8 (W) 0Hove, Phillip HDrawMorrison, Lynne GP128
Total4641.5 - 6.51110

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Unavailability of regular players forced Poulton to bring in 2 ungraded players on boards 3 and 4, namely Jonathan Benson and Phillip Hove. Both did really well to take a half point from David and Lynne. With a decisive material advantage David, very short of time, stalemated himself in the first game. In the second game he recovered well after losing his queen! Both players were very short of time on board 4 and in level positions until near the end of those games.
Tom Leah, who plays most of is chess at York University these days, showed some class in defeating Poulton's captain Simon in both games. Les played well against me in both games , especially the second one, where a draw was agreed in a level position.
Based on the grades shown in the League Handbook it was agreed that Lytham needed to win by 5.5--2.5 or better.