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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Rapidplay Cup DATE: 2017-11-22
BoardHomePreston 1VLytham 2Away
1 (B) 142Pidcock, AlanDrawColeman, Patrick N109
2 (B) 130O'Mara, Paul1 - 0Pomeroy, Raymond J107
3 (B) 112De Santos, Andrew R0 - 1Sansom, Keith81*
4 (B) 73*Carter, Deborah0 - 1Cox, John98
5 (W) 142Pidcock, Alan1 - 0Coleman, Patrick N109
6 (W) 130O'Mara, Paul1 - 0Pomeroy, Raymond J107
7 (W) 112De Santos, Andrew R1 - 0Sansom, Keith81*
8 (W) 73*Carter, Deborah0 - 1Cox, John98
Total9144.5 - 3.5790

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Slight differences in grading recorded on the night, to those in the system.

Difference on the night 101 - meaning 5.5 needed by Preston, or 3 by Lytham.

Lytham had White on the first set of matches, and won the series 2.5 - 1.5, meaning Preston needed to win all 4 games with White. Preston won 3 of them, and in the last match to finish, Preston lost on time.

Well deserved win for Lytham.

Apologies for any difference in grades, J.Cox (nothing in the handbook) and I asked R.Pomeroy his last known rapidplay grade.
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I was informed about a new player at Lytham, R.Pomeroy and someone at Lytham suggested an estimate of 120, but I have now looked at the grading list and his last known rapidplay in January 2017 was 107, so have updated the match with that, so at least it makes sense now.