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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Challenge Cup DATE: 2018-02-07
1 (W) 189Peacock, Malcolm RDrawPhillips, David A179
2 (B) 188Jowett, Peter EDrawParker, Michael L168
3 (W) 166Reaney, Conor1 - 0Rogers, Simon N122
4 (B) 165Ashcroft, Graham J1 - 0Gorman, Ken114
5 (W) 155Hanson, Robert1 - 0Bromley, Liam99
6 (B) 139Pidcock, Alan1 - 0Hughes, Leslie101
7 (W) 138O'Mara, Paul1 - 0Benson, Jonathan100*
8 (B) 0Moffatt, William1 - 0Hove, Phillip H70*
Total11407 - 1953

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Preston weakened through illness were fortunate to meet another depleted side, and the larger club had the strength in depth to clean up on the lower boards. RH