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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Challenge Cup DATE: 2018-02-08
1 (W) 187Ellames, Roy1 - 0Nuttall, Brant R142
2 (B) 170Evans, Paul A1 - 0McGrady, Blaine130
3 (W) 163Gallagher, Rob0 - 1Sosinski, Jakub156
4 (B) 162Cooper, John G1 - 0Wilcox, Keith A131
5 (W) 144Aspinall, David EDrawWallace, Peter104
6 (B) 132O'Rourke, Ben1 - 0Broxson, Ron85
7 (W) 117Morrison, Lynne GP1 - 0Batty, Harry75
8 (B) 107Regan, John1 - 0Default0
Total11826.5 - 1.5823

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Brant lost his queen early on after grabbing some hot pawns. Paul gained a pawn and reached a won endgame. Playing down the order on board 3 Jacub was Bispham's best player, winning a pawn and deserved the full point against an off-form Rob. My game against Keith was very close until he allowed me to win the exchange and later to force mate after a series of checks.
In the last game to finish Peter did well to hold the on-form Dave to a draw after reaching a blocked position.
Ben and Lynne were successful against weaker opposition on the lower boards and Bispham defaulted on bottom board.