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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division B DATE: 2017-10-25
BoardHomePreston 3VLytham 3Away
1 (W) 132Tuke, David1 - 0Tinton, Robert119
2 (B) 128Glover, Gordon LDrawDavies, Dennis106
3 (W) 150Robinson, RyanDrawColeman, Patrick N106
4 (B) 150Samson, George0 - 1Wilks, C99
Total5602 - 2430

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A very competitive match ended in a fair result.
On Board 1, from a Queen`s Gambit an open middle game developed with lots of tactical threats. Unfortunately Bob missed a simple fork , losing his rook and effectively the game. On Board 2 , Gordon won a pawn in a positional battle but Dennis steered the game into an opposite bishop endgame to secure the draw.
On 3 Preston welcomed back Ryan Robinson after a few years out of the game. There was no sign of ring-rust as Ryan transposed a c3 Sicilian into a French-type position with a storming king-side attack. Pat`s pieces were cramped and badly-placed to defend his king. It looked very ominous but Pat found the only defence to stave off mate albeit at some material cost. White stood better but had run short of time so a draw was agreed.
On 4 Preston`s new player was George Samson. A hard fought game was still even as it entered a knight and six pawns each endgame. As George`s time was becoming critical in the allegro Colin engineered the exchange of knights, his king then being more centrally-placed to attack the remaining black pawns.