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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division A DATE: 2017-10-24
BoardHomeBispham 1VLytham 1Away
1 (W) 213Mitchell, Martin1 - 0Gallagher, Rob163
2 (B) 156Sosinski, JakubDrawAspinall, David E144
3 (W) 142Nuttall, Brant RDrawRaynor, Philip N135
4 (B) 130McGrady, Blaine0 - 1Morrison, Lynne GP117
5 (W) 131Wilcox, Keith A0 - 1Wilks, C99
Total7722 - 3658

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Keith Wilcox, graded 131, played on board 5. A tight match but Colin pulled off a better endgame and won. On board 1 it looked tight for most of the game, but Martin eased out a win in the endgame. Kuba had a tough game on 2 which he had a pawn advantage, but with only 1 bishop left each, a draw was agreed. In my game, I missed a simple move to win the exchange early on, but Phil missed it too so I went the exchange up. I felt in control for the rest of the game getting down to queen vs. bishop and rook. However, I missed a perpetual check so it was drawn, but only after a draw was claimed illegally by Phil. On board 4, Blaine seemed to have the upper hand for most of the game, but in a complicated endgame, with both players under time pressure, it was Blaine who faltered and Lynne got a nice mate with her 2 bishops.

In the end, Lytham played well and deserved the win.