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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division A DATE: 2017-11-09
BoardHomeLytham 1VPreston 1Away
1 (B) 163Gallagher, Rob0 - 1Lund, D Brett212
2 (W) 162Cooper, John G0 - 1Ashcroft, Graham J165
3 (B) 144Aspinall, David E0 - 1Hanson, Robert155
4 (W) 142Wilson, PA1 - 0Tillotson, Carl A146
5 (B) 135Raynor, Philip NDrawPidcock, Alan139
Total7461.5 - 3.5817

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Preston had white on the odd-numbered boards, and were lucky on at least three of them, to get the points that they achieved. RH.

On board 3 Dave played a risky gambit but recovered the sacrificed pawn with equality. However, Rob outplayed him in an ending where he had a good Knight v bad bishop.
Peter won in style on board 4 after launching a ferocious attack on Black's kingside. Carl's king was cornered with no defence against Peter's queen and rook.
I had a strong attack against Graham but misplayed it and Graham defended well, reaching a fairly level endgame after relieving exchanges. With score standing at 2.5--1.5 to Preston, Graham generously offered me a draw but I carried on since we needed a win. Graham's more active king and united passed pawns were crucial in the final stages of the allegro which attracted a lot of spectators!
Phil's draw v Alan was first to finish. Phil managed to win a pawn but Alan was able to generate sufficient counterplay on the open f-file. Phil offered a draw when it was clear that he could make no further progress without exposing his king.
On top board Rob never found an active plan in a position where Brett's control of the centre and active piece development enabled him to win a piece.