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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division B DATE: 2017-11-09
BoardHomeLytham 3VPoulton 2Away
1 (B) 119Tinton, RobertDrawGorman, Ken114
2 (W) 107Regan, John1 - 0Hartley, Dave C101
3 (B) 106Coleman, Patrick NDrawHughes, Leslie101
4 (W) 99Wilks, C1 - 0Ellison, Marjorie A87
Total4313 - 1403

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Lytham 3 remain unbeaten in their opening 3 matches, John Regan won in very good style cramping Dave's pieces and pushing on with strong Pawn, Queen and Rook moves to limit Dave on the back two rows. Colin's form continued in good style and he was too strong for Majorie who put up a good fight. Board 3 was an agreed draw with Pat having probably best opening play , however, Les grew stronger in the end game but both players were short of time. Finally a draw was agreed between Bob and Ken in an highly competitive match with Bob a pawn up in the end game but very much short of time.