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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division B DATE: 2017-11-02
BoardHomeLytham 2VPreston 3Away
1 (B) 144Aspinall, David E1 - 0Pennington, Geoffrey147
2 (W) 142Wilson, PA1 - 0O'Mara, Paul138
3 (B) 135Raynor, Philip NDrawDe Santos, Andrew R100
4 (W) 132O'Rourke, Ben1 - 0Carter, Deborah73
Total5533.5 - 0.5458

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Board 4 was the first to finish with Ben winning a piece then consolidating to win the game. Phil Raynor drew with Andy de Santos in a very solid positional game. Dave Aspinall went two pawns up in the opening and was able to neutralise Geoff's piece play. There was an exciting dual on Board 2 which began as an Albin Counter-Gambit - eventually Paul O'Mara went wrong tactically in a very sharp position allowing Peter to exchange into a better ending. Peter converted this to a win in something of a scramble at the end.