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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division B DATE: 2017-12-14
BoardHomeLytham 3VLytham 4Away
1 (B) 119Tinton, RobertDrawTaylor, Graham105
2 (W) 117Morrison, Lynne GPDrawWilks, C99
3 (B) 106Davies, DennisDrawSansom, Keith81
4 (W) 106Coleman, Patrick N1 - 0Cox, John77
Total4482.5 - 1.5362

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This was a very close match, Pat won first after being the exchange down early on but won with a very strong attack on a somewhat exposed King, Keith and Dennis then agreed a draw in a Rook and Pawn ending with Keith a having an extra pawn but down on time. Bob and Graham then finished with a stalemate with what looked like Graham having a slight edge but Bob found all the right moves to force the draw. Lastly, Lynne agreed a draw with another Rook and Pawn ending with her also having the extra pawn against Colin. However, both players were short of time and were unable to find a win.