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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division A DATE: 2018-02-01
BoardHomeLytham 1VPoulton 1Away
1 (W) 187Ellames, Roy1 - 0Phillips, David A179
2 (B) 170Evans, Paul A1 - 0Parker, Michael L168
3 (W) 162Cooper, John G0 - 1Dobson, Graham161
4 (B) 163Gallagher, Rob0 - 1Garrett, Peter A160
5 (W) 144Aspinall, David E1 - 0Bromley, Liam99
Total8263 - 2767

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Roy Ellames, formerly of Poulton, made his debut on top board in a strengthened LSA team and exploited some weaknesses sustained by David in attempting to avoid Roy's preparation. LSA also welcomed back Paul Evans after a long absence and he had a close game with Michael before grinding out a win in an endgame where both of them had Bishop and equal pawns but Paul's king was better placed.
The teams were evenly matched except on board 5 which ended quickly in favour of on-form Dave Aspinall who won a rook early on.
Early exchanges of queens and other pieces worked out well for Graham who obtained the 2 bishops v 2 knights and a strong initiative. I was able to wrest the initiative from him at the cost of a passed central pawn in an ending with one rook each where my knight was better than his bishop, but fell for a trap set by Graham when I attempted to force the win of material in a position which would otherwise have been difficult to win.
Peter Garrett sacrificed a piece for 2 pawns and a very strong and sustained attack against Rob's king. Despite getting short of time he emerged a worthy winner in the last game to finish