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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division B DATE: 2017-12-13
BoardHomePreston 3VPoulton 2Away
1 (W) 100De Santos, Andrew RDrawGorman, Ken114
2 (B) 150Robinson, RyanDrawHughes, Leslie101
3 (W) 100*Samson, George1 - 0Ellison, Marjorie A87
4 (B) 73Carter, Deborah0 - 1Benson, Jonathan150
Total4232 - 2452

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The first game to finish was Board 4 where Poulton`s new player was Jonathon Benson. An even opening led to a middle-game position where Deborah exchanged queens on f6 to make a mess of the black pawn structure. However more active play from black then seized the initiative and generated an attack winning a few pawns.
On Board 3 George generated a king side attack and won a couple of pieces due to powerful pins.
On Board 1 two experienced players of this league battled out a positional game and although Andrew won a pawn Ken ensured a draw with the opposite coloured bishops ending.
The best game was on Board 2 where on open game with unbalanced pawn structures produced tactical chances for both sides. Black possibly had the better chances but white defended well and eventually a draw was agreed in a level pawn endgame.