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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division A DATE: 2018-02-15
BoardHomeMorecambe 1VLytham 1Away
1 (W) 160Lyth, John D0 - 1Ellames, Roy187
2 (B) 165Collins, Richard ADrawAspinall, David E144
3 (W) 164Heald, Carl0 - 1Raynor, Philip N135
4 (B) 158Jameson, NickDrawO'Rourke, Ben132
5 (W) 0Wickens, AndyDrawRegan, John107
Total6471.5 - 3.5705

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Morecambe gave perhaps the worst team performance I've ever witnessed from us to lose by a large margin despite facing a greatly depleted Lytham side. Three of the games each featured a terrible, elementary blunder by the Morecambe player, while in another game our man missed a fairly obvious piece sacrifice to promote a pawn in the ending. I'll save players' blushes by confining further details to the private de-briefing, but I can say that my own blunder against Roy Ellames was no less embarrassing that those of the other two.

In the one more-or-less normal game of the match, David Aspinall sacrificed a pawn and then a piece in a main line Morra Gambit. David built up a very strong attack with Dick Collins' King stuck in the centre; but Dick defended resiliently and David forced a repetition of moves instead of allowing his opponent to consolidate with the extra piece. A reminder of what normal chess looks like in a night to forget for Morecambe.