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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division B DATE: 2018-01-31
BoardHomePreston 3VLytham 4Away
1 (W) 138O'Mara, Paul1 - 0Morrison, Lynne GP117
2 (B) 100De Santos, Andrew R0 - 1Wilks, C99
3 (W) 73Carter, Deborah0 - 1Sansom, Keith81
4 (B) 80*Burukhin, FimDrawCox, John77
Total3911.5 - 2.5374

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A great result for Lytham 4 in an eventful match.
On Board 1 in a Sicilian Lynne castled queenside but probably soon regretted that decision as Paul opened the b-file and used it to launch a conclusive attack.
On 2 Andy had won a pawn in the opening and had the upper hand in a queenless middlegame. Going into a B + 4 v N + 3 ending it looked like Colin would have a draw at best but Andy tragically blundered and left his bishop en prix.
On 3 Deborah had got an edge in a positional battle but missed a tactical opportunity to win material and as the game headed into a double rook ending, lost on time.
On 4 Preston`s new player was Fim Burukhin. There was nothing "bottom board" about this high quality game. Fim initiated a kingside attack but John retaliated and it was Black`s king in more danger in a major piece middlegame. When the rooks were traded off both players had chances in the queen ending. As time ran short White possibly stood better but had only 2 minutes left so opted to force a draw by perpetual. A fair outcome in a game neither player deserved to lose.