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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division A DATE: 2018-03-01
BoardHomeLytham 1VBispham 1Away
1 (B) 187Ellames, Roy1 - 0Sosinski, Jakub156
2 (W) 170Evans, Paul A1 - 0Nuttall, Brant R142
3 (B) 162Cooper, John G1 - 0Wilcox, Keith A131
4 (W) 169Hopkins, K1 - 0McGrady, Blaine130
5 (B) 144Aspinall, David E1 - 0Wallace, Peter104
Total8325 - 0663

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Back home from uni for a few days Kit, called in at the club and made his debut this season as a late replacement for Rob Gallagher who was not feeling well. Having lost a pawn early on, Kit recovered well and skillfully won a long endgame where both had 1 rook and 2 pawns in the last game to finish.
Kuba also did well to hang on for along time against Roy until well into the allegro when Roy won his queen.
I was fortunate to win my game against Keith who missed a chance to win my queen and ended up losing his own! Playing Peter once again, Dave won quickly in the first game to finish..
Paul had a massive attack against Brad's king and converted his advantage to a won endgame with bishop and extra pawns v knight. In fairness to Bispham, who were heavily outgraded, this is almost certainly the strongest Lytham side I have ever played for.