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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division B DATE: 2018-01-29
BoardHomePoulton 2VBispham 2Away
1 (B) 99Bromley, Liam0 - 1Wilcox, Keith A131
2 (W) 100*Benson, Jonathan1 - 0Bishop, Frank115
3 (B) 70*Hove, Phillip H0 - 1Batty, Harry75
4 (W) 45*Loughlin, Ross0 - 1Broxson, Ron85
Total3141 - 3406

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Poulton introduced three new members to home match play. They all played promisingly.
Their estimated grades are: Jonathan 100, Phillip 70, and Ross 45, not the automated figures of 150. Jonathan castled queenside against Frank's Siciian, and a kingside attack proved effective. Phillip gave a good account of himself, but positional errors allowed Harry to gain material. Ron was able to overcome Ross. With the score at 1-2, Liam was under pressure to try to win, resulting in a win for Keith.
All valuable experience for the new players.