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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division A DATE: 2018-04-11
BoardHomePreston 1VLytham 1Away
1 (B) 212Lund, D BrettDrawEllames, Roy187
2 (W) 189Peacock, Malcolm RDrawEvans, Paul A170
3 (B) 165Ashcroft, Graham JDrawHopkins, K169
4 (W) 155Hanson, RobertDrawCooper, John G162
5 (B) 146Tillotson, Carl ADrawAspinall, David E144
Total8672.5 - 2.5832

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This set of draws was not the damp squib you would not expect from a top-of-the-table-clash. Ten players were all trying to win, and failed. But it keeps the league interesting, especially as erstwhile leaders Preston 2 dropped points on the same evening. RH

I have played in this League for a long time and cannot remember a match where all 5 games were drawn. In the end the result depended on the game on board 2 where Paul seemed to have the better of a complicated position thanks to an advanced passed pawn in an endgame with queen and rook each. The advanced pawn dropped off when rooks were exchanged and the draw was agreed when players were down to the last couple of minutes.