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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division A DATE: 2018-04-11
BoardHomePreston 2VPoulton 1Away
1 (B) 188Jowett, Peter E1 - 0Phillips, David A179
2 (W) 184Thompson, Peter0 - 1Parker, Michael L168
3 (B) 166Reaney, Conor0 - 1Dobson, Graham161
4 (W) 159Rutlidge, Cliff HDrawGarrett, Peter A160
5 (B) 145Taylor, Phillip J0 - 1Rogers, Simon N122
Total8421.5 - 3.5790

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A well deserved first victory of the season for Poulton. As the match went on it became clear Poulton were in control despite Preston 2 having promising positions early on in several games. In my game against Simon Rogers I missed a crucial positional move early on and came under the cosh and Simon played very well to press home a winning attack. Peter Jowett managed to beat David Phillips on board one. I don't have much detail, other than Peter saying he thought he played a very good game!
Conor started off alright against Graham Dobson, but it all went downhill after he played two moves in the wrong order and he ended up in a very difficult position from which he could not recover. A similar fate for Peter Thomson against Michael Parker where I looked like Peter had a definite edge, but he missed a check which resulted in him material and the game.
On board four Clifford Rutlidge could not create enough against Peter Garrett in what looked like a slightly better position.
So congratulations to Poulton on a good team performance.