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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division B DATE: 2018-02-22
BoardHomeLytham 2VLytham 3Away
1 (W) 144Aspinall, David EDrawMorrison, Lynne GP117
2 (B) 135Raynor, Philip N1 - 0Pomeroy, Raymond J118*
3 (W) 132O'Rourke, BenDrawDavies, Dennis106
4 (B) 107Regan, JohnDrawWilks, C99
Total5182.5 - 1.5440

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With these two Lytham teams riding high in Div B, this was a crucial encounter. First to finish was John Regan's game against Colin Wilks - a draw was agreed in a balanced position. Second to finish was an exciting game between myself and Ray - Ray played an inventive sacrifice in order to create a disturbance in Black's king position but Phil had a saving resource which eventually led to the tables being turned. Ben and Dennis played out a complex endgame with queens and pawns, eventually agreeing a draw. Dave Aspinall and Lynne Morrison played a Sicilian - it seemed for a while that Dave might have had an edge and a more active position but Lynne consolidated well and was a clear pawn ahead but with slightly less time on the clock agreed a draw. Another spirited performance by the 3rd team - the result could easily have gone the other way.