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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division A DATE: 2018-05-03
BoardHomeLytham 1VPreston 2Away
1 (B) 187Ellames, RoyDrawJowett, Peter E188
2 (W) 170Evans, Paul ADrawThompson, Peter184
3 (B) 163Gallagher, Rob1 - 0Reaney, Conor166
4 (W) 162Cooper, John GDrawRutlidge, Cliff H159
5 (B) 144Aspinall, David EDrawTaylor, Phillip J145
Total8263 - 2842

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Lytham had to win this match to stay in the hunt for the League title. The teams were evenly matched gradewise.
First to finish was board 5 where there had been solid rather than spectacular play.
Paul seemed better on board 2 and was ahead on the clock but this reached a drawn ending.
Roy was a pawn up in an endgame with Peter but opposite-coloured bishops enabled Peter to draw.
I had a very nice kingside attack against Cliff but had taken too long early on and got into time-trouble. Cliff joined me in time-trouble but was able to benefit when I missed a chance to win material and, after a mistake by Cliff, another chance to take the full point.
Fortunately Rob was on good form and won a pawn against Conor and, in the last game to finish, produced a neat tactic to win the match.