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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division A DATE: 2018-05-10
BoardHomeMorecambe 1VPreston 1Away
1 (B) 160Lyth, John DDrawLund, D Brett212
2 (W) 164Heald, Carl0 - 1Ashcroft, Graham J165
3 (B) 165Collins, Richard A0 - 1Hanson, Robert155
4 (W) 158Jameson, NickDrawTillotson, Carl A146
5 (B) 153Giles, AlanDrawTaylor, Phillip J145
Total8002 - 2823

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Some enterprising chess for the two teams' last fixture of the season. In my own game against Brett, I strived for active pieces and acquiring plenty of space, to avoid the positional squash at which Brett is so good. In the final position, either side of us could have played on but a draw by repetition was the most likely outcome.

In the two decisive games, Rob Hanson quickly gained a winning advantage with his Staunton Gambit against Dick Collins, while Carl Heald tried a sacrifice of a piece for two pawns which backfired against Graham Ashcroft.

Nick Jameson always had a slight edge against Carl Tillotson but it was insufficient to win - perhaps Nick could have kept the Queens on the board with better winning chances. Finally, a tough game between Alan Giles and Phil Taylor ended in a draw. The players wondered whether Alan had missed one or two winning chances towards the end but he had been under pressure for much of the game and was in time trouble at the critical stage, so a draw was not unreasonable.


Preston had not updated their named nominated players who can not play for the other team. So board 5 was declared a win for the home team and also Preston were penalized a further point according to rule 12,13 and so the score is adjusted to 2-2