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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division A DATE: 2018-05-16
BoardHomePreston 2VBispham 1Away
1 (B) 188Jowett, Peter EDrawNuttall, Brant R142
2 (W) 184Thompson, Peter1 - 0McGrady, Blaine130
3 (B) 166Reaney, Conor1 - 0Wilcox, Keith A131
4 (W) 159Rutlidge, Cliff H1 - 0Bishop, Frank115
5 (B) 145Taylor, Phillip J1 - 0Default0
Total8424.5 - 0.5518

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Unfortunately Bispham could not find anyone to play board 5 so started the match 1 - 0 down.
There were some interesting games on the night, most noticeably Brant Nuttall against Peter Jowett. Peter had managed to build up an attack against Brant's kingside and it looked like he would eventually break through, however Peter very uncharacteristically left a night unprotected. This was taken and Peter had no real compensation for it. We then saw the other side of Peter (The one that never gives up!). He managed to keep complicating matters and avoiding swap offs, he eventually picked up a couple of pawns and somehow managed to force a draw. It has to be said that Brant probably missed a win with g6 which would have created unstoppable threats.
Peter Thompson played a nice game against Blaine McGrady and had him tied up, unable to get his kings Rook into the game. He eventually forced home his advantage.
Conor Reaney also built up a potent attack against Keith Wilcox. This was more of a tussle and ended with Conor delivering a double-check mate, which was very pretty.
Clifford was a pawn up against Frank Bishop for quite a while and went into the endgame knowing he should win. He managed to get another pawn, but Frank put up brave resistance and Clifford eventually won, but with some difficulty.