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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division B DATE: 2018-03-19
BoardHomePoulton 2VLytham 3Away
1 (W) 114Gorman, Ken1 - 0O'Rourke, Ben132
2 (B) 101Hartley, Dave C0 - 1Coleman, Patrick N106
3 (W) 100*Benson, Jonathan0 - 1Regan, John107
4 (B) 70*Hove, Phillip H0 - 1Davies, Dennis106
Total3851 - 3451

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Dennis was the first to win, against the much less experienced Phillip. Then Ken had an exciting finish against Ben. Ken had managed to place both rooks on the 7th. rank, pinning Ben's B against his K, at the risk of his own K, now well exposed. Ben's Q took a pawn on the other 7th. rank, with threats of either perpetual or mate. Ken's mating attack now had to be precise, to avoid a Q check on his own K. So R x B+, Ben's R x R, Ken's N comes in for check, and Ben's K can only go the back rank, where the threat of Ken's R with check would force mate, and Ben resigned. Dave gave away a N to Pat, so struggled. Pat made no mistake, so it was 2-1 to Lytham. Jonathan was a piece up for two pawns against John, and looked in a winning position, but in due course John was able to push pawns on the Q side and acquire a Q, and a second Q in time trouble, and Jonathan resigned.