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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division A DATE: 2018-05-14
BoardHomePoulton 1VLytham 1Away
1 (B) 179Phillips, David ADrawEllames, Roy187
2 (W) 168Parker, Michael L0 - 1Evans, Paul A170
3 (B) 161Dobson, GrahamDrawGallagher, Rob163
4 (W) 160Garrett, Peter ADrawCooper, John G162
5 (B) 122Rogers, Simon N0 - 1Aspinall, David E144
Total7901.5 - 3.5826

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Five hard fought games. Board 3 was first to finish when the position became completely blocked. Board 4 started off promising fireworks with a gambit, but also fizzled out to a draw. Board 1 was next to finish, white after getting the better of the opening then played a couple of loose moves allowing black back into the game, but still even. Board 5 was next to finish and an exciting one to watch with plenty of tactics. Black sacrificed a rook for perpetual check, then pieces came off to an ending, which possibly could have gone blacks way, but didn't. Board 2 was last to finish. White built up a strong centre, but next time I looked, he was two pawns down! White tried everything but in the end it wasn’t enough. So, Lytham win the match and the league. Congratulations to Lytham.