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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division B DATE: 2018-03-29
BoardHomeLytham 2VPoulton 2Away
1 (W) 144Aspinall, David E1 - 0Rogers, Simon N122
2 (B) 135Raynor, Philip N1 - 0Hughes, Leslie101
3 (W) 132O'Rourke, Ben1 - 0Hartley, Dave C101
4 (B) 99Wilks, C1 - 0Benson, Jonathan100*
Total5104 - 0424

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An outgraded Poulton side were beaten 4-0 but the score does not reflect the efforts of some of the Poulton players. Jonathan Benson was winning before going wrong against Colin Wilks and Leslie Hughes had a fine game until move 30 when he succumbed to a pin. Dave Aspinall had pressure against Simon Rogers throughout the middle game - eventually breaking through and check mating. Ben also got a checkmating attack going against Dave's kingside position.