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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division B DATE: 2018-04-12
BoardHomeLytham 3VBispham 2Away
1 (W) 117Morrison, Lynne GPDrawMcGrady, Blaine130
2 (B) 119Tinton, RobertDrawWilcox, Keith A131
3 (W) 106Davies, Dennis1 - 0Batty, Harry75
4 (B) 106Coleman, Patrick N1 - 0Broxson, Ron85
Total4483 - 1421

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Lynne and Blaines match finished as an early draw and then Dennis folllowed up a for Lytham with a comfortable win. over Harry. Pat struggled early on losing a bishop to some good play by Ron. However, Pat then won 2 pawns and Ron finally lost to a smothered mate due to some strong threats with the aid of a pawn threatening to Queen. Finally Bob and Keith slogged out a draw almost to the very end with level material and almost equal on time.