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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division B DATE: 2018-04-26
BoardHomeLytham 3VMorecambe 2Away
1 (B) 132O'Rourke, Ben0 - 1Lyth, John D160
2 (W) 117Morrison, Lynne GPDrawFarthing, Michael126
3 (B) 119Tinton, RobertDrawParker, Sean125
4 (W) 106Coleman, Patrick N0 - 1Wickens, Andy150
Total4741 - 3561

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Lynne and Michael's solid game ended in a draw and Ben finally lost to John in end game after holding is position well.
Pat dominated the early part of the game winning a pawn, however, Andy consolidated and had good threats and Pats position faltered after sacrificing a Knight for a Pawn to try and expose a vulnerable looking King. Good play from Andy enabled him to Queen a Pawn and claim the win. Bob and Sean fought a difficult game and with Sean an extra Pawn to the good was unable to force a win.