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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Division B DATE: 2018-05-15
BoardHomeBispham 2VPoulton 2Away
1 (W) 115Bishop, Frank1 - 0Hughes, Leslie101
2 (B) 75Batty, Harry1 - 0Fearnhead, Ben100*
3 (W) 85Broxson, Ron0 - 1Fearnhead, Paul100*
4 (B) 150DefaultDrawDefault150
Total4252.5 - 1.5451

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I only got snapshots of the other two boards & so cannot give a full report on those games. Early on Harry had given up a knight for a pawn but his greater experience showed through to the end game and when I next looked, he had the Rook pair against Ben's single Knight although some of Ben's pawns were well advanced & might have got through to the 8th rank if Harry had dropped his guard. As Ben gets more experience, he will probably find ways to ensure he hangs on to an early advantage.

Snapshots of the game on Board 3 seemed to give indications of a well balanced game but I was too busy with my own game to see their ending.

This meant that my game versus Les would decide the result of the match. With greater experience we used the time available to better effect and it was a positional struggle for the first 20 moves. Then I gained a pawn but at the expense of a bad bishop & completed disrupted pawns. Then it seemed that Les would regain his pawn but lost a knight & the game to a combination that he had not seen. Although I won he had played well.

Frank Bishop