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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Rapidplay Plate DATE: 2018-06-04
BoardHomePoulton 1VPrestonAway
1 (B) 175Phillips, David A1 - 0Thompson, Peter184*
2 (W) 175Phillips, David A1 - 0Thompson, Peter184*
3 (B) 162Dobson, Graham0 - 1Jowett, Peter E170
4 (W) 162Dobson, GrahamDrawJowett, Peter E170
5 (B) 118Gorman, Ken0 - 1O'Mara, Paul130
6 (W) 118Gorman, Ken0 - 1O'Mara, Paul130
7 (B) 100*Fearnhead, Ben1 - 0De Santos, Andrew R112
8 (W) 100*Fearnhead, BenDrawDe Santos, Andrew R112
Total11104 - 41192

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ADMIN: Paul's Rapidplay grade is 163 not 130. (However, the match result, a win for Poulton, would not be affected by using 130.) Preston had to win 5-3. Poulton won the toss, but opted to play Black in round 1.
The star of this Rapidplay Plate Final (quite apart from David's 2 wins and Graham's draw), was 15-year-old Ben Fairclough, who won with Black, then drew with White. Ben showed great skill in his win. Threatening mate in 1 or 2 himself, with doubled rooks on the flank, he faced a possible loss by mate after Andy sacrificed a rook with check, when Andy's queen came in to threaten mate. Ben found the one and only square (of several possibilities) from which he could escape the mate, and won quickly as a result. Ben followed this with a well-played draw.
Ben had played his Dad Paul, to see who was better at Rapidplay. Ben won, so Ben was a last-minute selection for the team.
(Details of the other games may appear later.)