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MATCH RESULT - EVENT: Challenge Cup DATE: 2018-05-23
1 (B) 212Lund, D Brett1 - 0Ellames, Roy187
2 (W) 189Peacock, Malcolm RDrawEvans, Paul A170
3 (B) 188Jowett, Peter EDrawGallagher, Rob163
4 (W) 184Thompson, Peter0 - 1Cooper, John G162
5 (B) 166Reaney, Conor1 - 0Aspinall, David E144
6 (W) 155Hanson, Robert1 - 0Raynor, Philip N135
7 (B) 159Rutlidge, Cliff H1 - 0O'Rourke, Ben132
8 (W) 145Taylor, Phillip J1 - 0Morrison, Lynne GP117
Total13986 - 21210

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What on paper looks like a straightforward win for Preston against Lytham who were out-graded on every board was anything but!
At one point it looked to me as though Lytham were at least equal on the bottom four boards. My game against Lynne Morrison was certainly a hard fought win, after Lynne made a couple of minor errors late on.
I cannot comment too much on the top three boards, other than to say they all appeared to be close affairs. Brett Lund eventually managed to get the better of Roy Ellames and the other games were draws, which were good results for Paul Evans and Rob Gallagher against very strong players.
On board four John Cooper showed his experience in overcoming Peter Thompson, though I am told Peter missed the chance to set up a perpetual check when he was down on material.
Conor Reaney played well against David Aspinall to win a tight endgame struggle and Clifford forced home a winning attack against Ben O'Rourke after giving up a Knight for three pawns in an interesting tussle.
Phillip Raynor was Rook and three pawns against Knight and three pawns against Rob Hanson. Rob managed to win another pawn and then Philip fell for a Knight fork to lose his rook in a difficult position.
So the match was much closer than the score-line suggests. Fortunately for Preston Lytham were unable to enlist the services of two strong players (K Hopkins and T Leah) who are away at university. Had they been available for selection the match result could have been much different.